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Is your project at a standstill due to a lack of skilled workers? With the interim Group you can find qualified freelancers exactly when you need them.
Innovatives Recruiting und HR-Beratung mit 10+ Jahren Erfahrung auf h├Âchstem Niveau.

Why you should use iContracting to find freelancers

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Enquiries, negotiations, acceptances and cancellations - we do it for you.
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With the interim Group, all help comes at the right time.
Flexible &
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From students to team leaders - we also find entire teams for your project.
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We understand your project and know the specialists you need to realize it.
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Find freelancers and interim managers you can trust.
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Qualified freelancers create fast results

Rarely does a company have the right staff in-house to solve every problem. Why should it, when all it takes is to get the right professionals on board for the required period?

We will help you find the right freelancers.

interim managers can create opportunities out of crises

To lead a company out of a crisis or to the next level, you need experience and specific know-how. We know the specialists who can help you realize your plans.

We will help you find the right interim managers.

A simple process with rapid results.

In just 5 steps to the perfect employee with the interim Recruiting Competence Model.

1. Needs analysis

What kind of freelancer do you need? You define the project details together
with our account manager.
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2. Find Freelancers

We identify suitable freelancers, approach
them and inspire them for your project.
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3. Select your freelancer

On the basis of the jointly developed project specifications, we make a pre-selection and present you with the most suitable freelancers and interim managers.

4. Meet your freelancer

We organize a meeting and accompany the interview.

5. Project launch and support

We are there to support you throughout the entire project.

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